Breaking Free, the project and performance, was such an eye-opening experience for the audience, to see that in fact this violence exists and to realize that there are people around to help with this issue. What better way to educate people about domestic violence that to present something so vivid and powerful and in the moment? The audience was able to identify with these women, maybe for the first time, and understand not only that domestic violence exists but also to identify and understand the culture around it.”

Being the Exonerated

Imagine serving time, serious time, for someone else’s crime. Imagine doing it for eighteen years of your life. Now, imagine doing it on death row.

North Carolina has its own Exonerated, and this Hidden Voices benefit presentation is a chance to hear the profound vision of one of these men and help initiate the Darryl Hunt Project for Freedom and Justice.

Darryl Hunt, one of the North Carolina exonerated, was wrongfully incarcerated for nineteen years, two trials, and a US Supreme Court appeal. Darryl will speak about his experience as the falsely-accused and about the extraordinary circumstances that led to his final pardon. Joining Darryl will be Jennifer Thompson, a mother and housewife whose experience with a brutal rape led her to a personal understanding of the unreliability of eyewitness testimony and to national recognition as a spokesperson on wrongful conviction.

Following the performances and talks, there will be a reception for audience, performers, and those working on behalf of the wrongfully-convicted. The Darryl Hunt Project for Freedom and Justice promotes fair and equal treatment for those wrongfully accused of a crime and to provide a venue in assisting with their freedom.

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