“A powerful, multimedia producton. . . a passionate, deeply felt performance that is one of the best of the season—earned a standing ovation from a packed house last Friday night. The brilliance of Lynden Harris’ unflinching dissection of the sordid forces that put Regina Walters in prison and the spiritual turnabout that led to her parole and the power of director Kathryn Williams’ provocative staging . . . virtually dictate that this 'Former Inmate’s View of her Fractured Past and Uncertain Future,' will be revived again and again as an eye-opening lesson, particularly for younger audience members growing up in similar high-risk environments.”

Hidden Voices in Prison

“A great show (Hidden Voices in Prison). . . . You have the kind of dedication to issues of value that you help make the world a better place.”

Bill Hendrickson, Orange County Human Relations Commission

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