These Dry Bones: Telling the Story No One Wants to Hear


These Dry Bones: Telling the Story No One Wants to Hear

One out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. More than 95% of child sexual abuse is committed by a family member or person the child knows and trusts. The numbers are simple. Incest is one of the most common forms of child sexual abuse.

Hidden Voices invites men and women to share their experiences in order to change those numbers for our communities. We intend to bring the trauma into a public space in order to bridge the gap between reality and stereotype; erase the pervasive shame that keeps us from talking; empower others to acknowledge their own experiences; bring awareness to the damage caused to extended families; examine our laws and customs, and inspire action as a community.

How you can participate:

1. Forward this email to a friend or family member who may want to share their experiences.

2. Share your own story: anonymously; privately via a one-on-one conversation; in a small group workshop; or as part of the public stage presentation in April 2012.

3. Contribute an object for the touring exhibit either by joining us in small workshops or by emailing for suggestions/instructions. Inspired by Day of the Dead creations, we will be making small shoebox altars, memory cards, matchbook shrines, skeletons, family trees, and other objects that serve as self-portraits and story vehicles. Have an idea? Share it!

4. Donate! If this project speaks to your mind and heart, please help fund it so that together we can make change possible.